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Metrolink Reports of Train Delays

In the June 2007 issue of Metrolink Matters, Metrolink re-announced that it would post daily updates of weekday train delays. This repeated an earlier announcement when the new web site was announced last year.


This is what Metrolink says it has committed to do:

This passenger information program will post information daily about Metrolink trains on any line delayed 15 minutes or more and the reason or reasons for the delay. For the purposes of this summary only, any train that is delayed less than 15 minutes is considered to have not been significantly delayed and is considered as 'operated on schedule'.

Information for trains operating Monday through Thursday will be posted the following day by 12 noon. Information for trains operating on Fridays will be posted the following Monday by 12 noon.

We hope this program will provide our passengers with a better understanding of why their train may have been delayed.

Growing Pains?

On June 15th, a Riverside Line passenger complained through the Metrolink web site that the daily delay postings had not been made since June 7th. On June 21st, Metrolink actually replied anonymously. (Better late than never, we suppose.)

We apologize for the inconvenience due to the Metrolink trains being late the week of June 11, 2007. In checking our records, the trains were late due to mechanical problems, freight interference and having to replace an engine.

In addition, we checked with our web master concerning the delays being posted on our web site. Unfortunately, the web master was on vacation and the information did not get posted. We have been assured that in the future, all trains delayed over 15 minutes will be posted on the web site. Again we apologize for any inconvenience you have experience regarding communciation regarding the delay our Metrolink trains.

Well, the web master must surely have a lot of vacation, because Metrolink didn't make delay postings for six consecutive days in July as well. (We just have to wonder, what happens when the paymaster goes on vacation? Do Metrolink employees not get paid?)

World-Class Customer Service?

You'll also note that Metrolink only provides a single day's delay postings on its web site. So, if you don't happen to check at just the right time, you won't be able to find why the trains have been delayed. Below we've provided you with the history that Metrolink doesn't want you to see. We'll try to keep it up on a regular basis.

What do you think? Do these explanations explain why the trains were late? Can you understand the explanations?



Daily Posting Summary

How well has Metrolink demonstrated its commitment to providing delay information? You be the judge.

Month Days Posted Days Not Posted Posted Ratio
2007/04 1 0 100%
2007/06 11 10 52%
2007/07 18 3 85%
2007/08 20 3 86%
2007/09 15 4 78%
2007/10 21 2 91%
2007/11 21 0 100%
2007/12 17 3 85%
2008/01 19 3 86%
2008/02 16 5 76%
2008/03 19 2 90%
2008/04 18 4 81%
2008/05 20 1 95%
2008/06 10 11 47%
2008/07 0 22 0%
2008/08 0 21 0%
2008/09 0 22 0%
2008/10 0 23 0%
2008/11 0 20 0%
2008/12 0 23 0%
2009/01 0 22 0%
2009/02 0 20 0%
2009/03 0 22 0%
2009/04 0 22 0%
2009/05 0 21 0%
2009/06 0 22 0%
2009/07 0 23 0%
2009/08 0 21 0%
2009/09 0 2 0%

Delays by Train Line

You can select delays by month (above) or by train line (below).

91 Line
Antelope Valley Line
Inland Empire - Orange County Line
Orange County Line
Riverside Line
San Bernardino Line
Ventura County Line

Metrolink's Quality Service Pledge applies when delays are longer than 60 minutes. These delays are displayed below in red. Make sure to get your free ticket. Go to our QSP Letters page for details and prepared letters to make your compensation claim. Rows that are highlighted in yellow have posted QSP letters.

Delays for May, 2018


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